(LASV-R-0024) LASV NP, C-term, Δ 340 lineage II


Designation: LASV NP, Nig237-2010H, C-terminus (340)
Clade specificity: II
Produced in: E. coli
Purified by: Ni-NTA column and ion exchange chromatography
Applications: ELISA, WB, Antigen Capture Assays
Format: Liquid, Frozen
Formulation: 20mM acetic acid, 500mM NaCl, pH 5.0
Storage: -80°C, in aliquots
Shipping: Frozen, Dry Ice

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WB and SDS-PAGE analyses of C-terminus LASV NP, Nig237-2010H (LII), D340, produced in E. coli.
The expected 28 kDa C-terminal fragment was detected by WB analysis with an anti-HIS MAb (lane 2). The expected 28 kDa C-terminal fragment was purified by NiNTA and IEX and analyzed by SDS-PAGE (lane 3). Ladder (lane 1) is MagicMark XP WB standard.

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