GP2 LASV HuMAb 4.1F – Lassa virus glycoprotein subunit 2 Clone 4.1F


Designation: Human GP 4.1F GP2
Clade Specificity: I, II, III, IV
Cross reactivity: LCMV
Produced in: HEK-293T/17, transient
IFA: +
WB: +
Flow cytometry: +
Immunoprecipitation: +
Virus neutralization:
Format: liquid
Formulation: 1 x PBS + 10% glycerol or 8% sucrose formulation buffer
Storage: – 20C
Shipping: Frozen on Dry Ice

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WB on purified LASV-Jos-GPC with GP2-specific huMAb 4.1F and x-huIgG-HRP.


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