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NP LASV MAb1474 – Lassa virus nucleoprotein murine monoclonal antibody Clone 1474


Designation: Mouse anti-LASV NP, clone 1474
Specificity: Lassa virus nucleoprotein, N-340 terminus
Clade specificity: IV
Cross reactivity: I, III, (V, VI)
Produced in: murine hybridoma, SFM adapted
Isotype: mouse IgG1, kappa
IFA: +
WB: +
ELISA: + (N-terminus, LI, III, IV, V, VI, not II)
Virus neutralization: negative
Format: liquid, frozen
Formulation: 1X PBS, pH7.4, 0.1% BSA, OR 1X PBS, pH7.4, 10% glycerol
Storage: -20C, in aliquots
Shipping: Frozen on Dry Ice

A. Western blot analysis of HEK-293T/17 cell extracts transiently transfected with a full length LASV NP gene, probed with murine MAbs raised against E. coli-expressed NP. MAb 100LN does not detect NP from lineages I-VI on western blots (LII, V, VI not shown on these blots). MAb 100LN does not detect host cell proteins (C); GtaNP is a polyclonal goat reagent that specifically detects LASV NP.
B. Immunoprecipitation (IP) of HEK-293T/17 cell expressed LASV NP with murine MAbs, including 100LN. MAb 100LN IP’s NP from lineages I-IV. IP’d NP was resolved on SDS-PAGE and probed with affinity-purified GtaNP and a RbaGt IgG-HRP.
C. Sensitivity and specificity screening of ReLASV® LFI. The ReLASV® LFI demonstrates high sensitivity and specificity for lineage IV suspected LF patient blood samples (number coded), generating > 90% correlation with standard and qPCR reference methods (see Boisen et al., Scientific Reports 8, Article number: 5939 (2018)). MAb 100LN is the capture antibody in the ReLASV® RDT. Positive control = recombinant LASV Josiah NP (rJos NP); normal = afebrile donor serum.


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