(LASVLP-II-001) LASVirus – Like Particles lineage II


Designation: LASVLP-II
Clade specificity: II
Antigens: Z, GPC, NP
Produced in: HEK-293T/17
Confirmed by: WB
Formulation: Tris/NaCl/EDTA/glycerol/arginine/glutamic acid buffer
Storage: 2-3 wks @ 20°C; -80°C long term; in aliquots
Shipping: Frozen, Dry Ice

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LASV237-Nigeria 2010H
(Lineage II) VLPs analyzed on
Pan LASV RDTs (detects
Lineages II, III, IV, Mali, Togo);
Note: lower levels of NP
incorporated into Clade II VLPs

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