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ReLASV® Pan-Lassa Antigen Rapid Test – RUO (10376)


Designation: Qualitative detection of LASV nucleoprotein (NP) antigen
Clade specificity: Pan-Lassa, lineages II, III, IV
Applications: lateral flow immunoassay
Storage: 2-8°C
Shipping: Refrigerated; blue ice packs

The ReLASV® Pan-Lassa Antigen Rapid Test is performed as a dipstick immunoassay. Whole blood from finger stick or venous collection, plasma or serum samples is added to the Sample Pad. Inserting the dipstick into a test tube containing Sample Buffer initiates flow of sample through the reagent pads and across the nitrocellulose membrane. The LASV NP specific antibody is striped onto the nitrocellulose membrane in order to capture LASV NP antigen. The LASV NP specific antibody is also conjugated to gold nanoparticles which are deposited in one of the rapid test reagent pads. As the assay develops, the presence of LASV NP antigen in the sample forms immune-complexes with anti-LASV NP antibody–gold conjugate. As these complexes are captured by the anti-LASV NP antibody Test stripe, the deposition of the gold conjugate generates a pink to dark red signal which corresponds to the concentration of LASV NP antigen in the sample. Excess gold-conjugate is captured by the anti-rabbit IgG Control stripe, indicating a valid result. Visual interpretation is made between 15-25 minutes development time).

Package insert for ReLASV Pan-Lassa Antigen Rapid Test Kit (RUO)

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 in
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