SARS-0201 SARS CoV-2 N, 5′ 6X-HIS, full length, Wuhan


Designation: SARS CoV-2 N, full length, 5′ 6X HIS, Wuhan
Strain: Wuhan
Application: ELISA, WB, Antigen Capture
Format: liquid, frozen
Formulation: 50mM HEPES, 500mM NaCl + 10% glycerol
Storage: – 80C in aliquots
Shipping: Frozen on Dry Ice

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SDS-PAGE analysis of full length SARS CoV-2 N 5′ 6X-HIS, produced in E. coli, purified by affinity chromatography and formulated. Full length SARS CoV-2 N is expressed as a 50 kDa polypeptide. The extract containing the full length SARS CoV-2 N protein was subjected to nickel affinity chromatography, eluted with imidazole, and resolved on SDS-PAGE (lane 2).  A small fraction of the protein was was not efficiently captured by the resin and was not rerepurified (lane 3, flow through).  The final, dialyzed and formulated protein was a soluble full length SARS CoV-2 N 5′ 6X-HIS protein product >95% pure.
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