Zalgen Relocates Headquarters to Life Sciences Epicenter in Frederick, Maryland

Frederick, MD, December 16, 2021 – One of the leading biotechnology and diagnostics companies in the field of neglected viral diseases with pandemic potential now calls a prime biotechnology and life sciences community its home, as Zalgen Labs LLC today announced its headquarters has relocated to Frederick, Maryland.

Preparedness is Zalgen’s mantra. Founded on the concept of developing solutions to emerging viral threats in neglected regions of the world, Zalgen is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in developing and deploying medical countermeasures against neglected tropical diseases. The company is currently supplying antibody testing kits to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) for the largest ever Lassa Fever study in West Africa.

Frederick, Maryland is situated within the third largest biotech cluster in the U.S. and is home to nearly 80 bioscience companies that benefit from a supportive and highly collaborative environment. It’s also the home of the Maryland Tech Council, of which Zalgen is a member. Zalgen will now become part of that hub of innovation with its new headquarters.

“As we’ve seen over the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing information and ideas is critical to advancing the knowledge and tools necessary to improve public health,” said Zalgen Managing Director and Co-Founder Luis Branco. “We are thrilled to join the synergetic community in Frederick where we can learn from our peers, contribute our expertise, and work toward a world where celebrations with survivors of diseases like Ebola and Lassa are the norm, rather than just the fortunate few who survive.”

Zalgen also has an advanced diagnostics development office in Aurora, Colorado, which focuses on advancing field-deployable and laboratory-based tests to improve diagnostic and surveillance capabilities of neglected tropical diseases. The Frederick office will continue to focus on Zalgen’s Immunotherapeutics activities.

Since its inception, Zalgen and its academic, government, biotechnology industry and healthcare provider partners have made significant strides to enhance scientific research and improve patient care for Ebola, Lassa and other highly fatal hemorrhagic viral diseases in resource-limited areas of the world.

Zalgen’s goal is to develop and make available the best, most widely trusted and effective diagnostics, vaccines and immunotherapeutics to make a meaningful difference against endemic and epidemic diseases.

About Zalgen Labs

Zalgen Labs LLC is a leading biotechnology and diagnostics company with headquarters in Frederick, Maryland, and an advanced diagnostic product development center in Aurora, Colorado. The company specializes in the design and production of superior biological molecules critical for the development and commercialization of immunotherapeutics, novel vaccines, and reliable, rapid, and affordable diagnostic platforms targeting neglected and underrepresented human viral infectious diseases including Ebola Virus (EBOV) and Lassa Virus (LASV). Zalgen technology and products strengthen global capabilities in biosafety, biosecurity, and readiness for pathogen outbreaks and support medical countermeasure efforts directed to pandemic diseases and major epidemic-prone diseases.

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