SARS-0205 SARS CoV-2 N, CTD-SR, 5′ 6X-HIS, Wuhan


Designation: SARS CoV-2 N, CTD-SR, 5′ 6X HIS, full length, Wuhan
Strain: Wuhan
Application: ELISA, WB, (Antigen Capture not tested)
Format: liquid, frozen
Formulation: 50mM HEPES, 500mM NaCl + 10% glycerol
Storage: – 80C in aliquots
Shipping: Frozen on Dry Ice

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SDS-PAGE of full length SARS CoV-2 N 5′ 6X-HIS and C-terminal domain with SR region (CTD-SR) 5′ 6X-HIS, produced in E. coli, and purified through HIS spin-columns. Two E. coli clones were grown and induced for 2 hours with IPTG, either at room temperature or at 37C. Full length SARS CoV-2 N is highly expressed expressed as a 50 kDa polypeptide in cultures induced at 37C (lanes 3, 5), but produced only trace amounts of protein at room temperature (lanes 2, 4). A 28 kDa CTD-SR fragment was highly expressed and purified from cultures induced and grown at 37C (lanes 7, 9). Cultures induced at RT produced only trace amounts of protein (lanes 6, 8). SDS-PAGE molecular weight marker (lane 1) is shown for size estimation.

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